Tribunal Watch Ontario is a group of people with a deep concern
for the integrity of Ontario’s system of tribunal justice. 

Many of us have current or recent experience as members, vice-chairs, associate chairs, chairs or staff of tribunals, or as advocates appearing before these tribunals.

Our goal is to bring the present crisis in Ontario’s adjudicative tribunals to the attention of the Government and the public and to continue to monitor developments as they occur. 

We have also come together to use our collective experience to promote a fair, independent, accessible and expert tribunal justice system. 

We have a Steering Committee and Advisory Council,
and other committees as needed, including a Policy Committee.


The Steering Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the
organization’s vision and strategies. This includes day-to-day operations such as
managing the website, mailing lists, and media and social media
communications. It responds to developments in the adjudicative tribunal sector and
develops research and policy ideas and positions in consultation with the
Advisory Council. It advocates for systemic changes in laws, processes and
allocation of resources for Ontario’s adjudicative tribunals.


The Advisory Council is comprised of about 15 members who will represent important voices from inside and outside the tribunal sector. The general purpose of the Council is to support and contribute to the work of Tribunal Watch Ontario and provide particular expertise and strategic insights.