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The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is one of 13 tribunals administered by
Tribunals Ontario. The Board hears disputes between residential tenants and
landlords under the Residential Tenancies Act. Prior to March 2020, the Board
held hearings in 44 locations across Ontario where adjudicators, tribunal staff
(including mediators) and tenant duty counsel were present to assist parties
navigating its processes. The Board receives about 80,000 applications for
hearings each year. The majority of applications, over 90%, are landlord eviction
applications. There are over 1.5 million tenants living in Ontario as of 2016, with
almost half of tenant households having annual incomes below $40,000.

As noted in the materials below, some of the main concerns about the LTB are
about barriers to access, especially for tenants, caused by over-reliance on
digital platforms for hearings and communications, long delays, and scheduling
and process changes that reduce the ability of legal clinics to help tenants

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