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Almost all adjudicative tribunals in the Ontario Government are in a tribunal
cluster, except the tribunals in the areas of health and labour. In January 2020,
three clusters were combined into one huge cluster – Tribunals Ontario. After five
tribunals were taken out to form the Ontario Land Tribunal in July 2020, Tribunals
Ontario now has 13 tribunals. It operates within the Ministry of the Attorney
A number of tribunals in Tribunals Ontario have high volumes and deal
with areas that affect many people, especially vulnerable or marginalized parties.
Some of these tribunals have specific web pages in the Tribunal Watch Ontario

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Landlord and Tenant Board

Social Benefits Tribunal
There are a number of serious concerns about Tribunals Ontario. There has
been turmoil caused by unfilled vacancies and high turnover, as well as
politicized or arbitrary appointments and non-reappointments, especially in the
most senior positions. Many parties at these tribunals face long delays, new
tribunal members without adequate expertise in the subject matter or
adjudication skills, and barriers to access caused by over-reliance on technology.
For general information, see: Ontario’s Adjudicative Tribunals: Basic Information,
Tribunal Watch, August 18, 2020

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