Tribunal Watch Ontario

Ensuring independent and accessible tribunals


The Need For Change

Tribunals provide everyday justice in many important areas that affect the
lives of many people, more than the courts do.

Public confidence in the administration of justice requires that tribunals and

their adjudicators be treated as judicial bodies, and not like operational
agencies or advisory boards

This requires tribunals that are independent and impartial, competent and

expert, and also fair, timely, inclusive and accessible.

Many parts of Ontario’s adjudicative tribunal system have been in a crisis –

with politicized appointments and reappointments, loss of expertise,
inaccessible processes and long delays.

Mission Statement

Tribunal Watch Ontario is a non-partisan, public interest organization with a mission to:
monitor Ontario’s adjudicative tribunal system,
advocate for adjudicative independence, and
promote access to justice.

We will monitor new appointments to ensure that candidates
are selected following a competitive process.

We will advocate for appointment and reappointment processes that are
inclusive, transparent, merit-based, and free from political influence.
We will advocate for dispute resolution processes
that are fair, expert, timely and accessible

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