Who We Are

Tribunal Watch Ontario is a group of people with a deep concern for the integrity of Ontario’s system of tribunal justice.  Many of us have current or recent experience as members, vice-chairs, associate chairs or chairs of Ontario adjudicative tribunals or as advocates appearing before these tribunals.  To carry about this function, we have established a Steering Committee and an Advisory Council.

Our goal is to bring the present crisis in Ontario’s adjudicative tribunals to the attention of the Government and the public and to continue to monitor developments as they occur. We have also come together to marshal our collective experience to encourage, through non-partisan advocacy, the development of a fair, independent, impartial, competent and efficient tribunal justice system . Thousands of Ontarians depend on these adjudicative tribunals for the vindication of their rights. 

To become involved, either publicly or anonymously, please contact info@tribunalwatch.ca

Mission Statement and Operating Principles, Tribunal Watch Ontario

Tribunal Watch Statements

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